Taking a Closer Look at the Indian Budget and Its Impact on Artisans and MSMEs

Taking a Closer Look at the Indian Budget and Its Impact on Artisans and MSMEs

The Indian budget recently passed, and one of the biggest changes it brings is an increase in support for traditional artisans and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). With the new budget comes the M Vishwa Karma Kaushal Samman, a project that offers financial assistance to these industries. Let’s take a closer look at what this means for consumers.

What is the Vishwa Karma Kaushal Samman?

The  Vishwa Karma Kaushal Samman is a program that aims to provide financial assistance to traditional artisans and MSMEs. This project was created to help these industries become more competitive in the global market by providing access to resources like technology upgrades, marketing training, and capital investments. Other assistance that will be provided are - 

  • Financial support
  • Access to advanced skill training
  • Knowledge of modern digital techniques and efficient green technologies
  • Brand promotion
  • Linkage with local and global markets
  • Digital payments
  • Social security

How Does This Impact Consumers?

This budget change has the potential to benefit consumers in many ways. For starters, it will help create more jobs by supporting traditional artisans and MSMEs. It also encourages investment in businesses which will lead to increased production levels and improved product quality. Finally, this shift in policy may have long-term implications as it helps create a sustainable economy that supports local communities while still providing consumers with high-quality products they can trust.

The new budget proposed by India is exciting news for both traditional artisans and MSMEs alike! By offering financial support through projects like the M Vishwa Karma Kaushal Samman, India is taking steps towards creating a sustainable economy that benefits all parties involved—from business owners to consumers looking for top-notch products from reliable vendors. All in all, this budget change looks to be an overall positive shift for India’s economy!

The way forward

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