Meet The Founder

In an era where environmental consciousness and empowering creative individuals are gaining momentum, meet our founder Ruchi Agarwal with her vision to carve unique and niche designs of earthen pottery planters, home decor products, and Namda rugs, all aimed at creating awareness about sustainable living and making traditional Indian art accessible at affordable prices.

 We strive to be 100% eco-friendly so not just our product but all that goes around it is also carefully chosen. Our products are packed with recycled paper ( not bubble wrap) , corrugated paper boxes and special paper tapes to give efficient protection to the product . We have taken a step forward to protect our environment with sustainable products . Even the transport we use from source to our storage facility is CNG( green fuel) .

We hope to breathe new life into these fading traditions, while also supporting a sustainable lifestyle.

By embracing sustainability, empowering women, supporting local artisans, and offering unique designs, we embody the true spirit of conscious living.

Let us inspire you to make mindful choices and appreciate the beauty of tradition. Come experience the magic that lies within each piece.

Together, let's make a positive impact on the world.

We guarantee you a unique and genuine product experience.

Earthen Treasures

Our Founder Ruchi Agarwal recognized the need for sustainable pottery products in todays time .By combining the ancient art of pottery with modern design sensibilities, we have created a range of beautiful and functional products that are both eco-friendly and socially responsible.

By partnering with these talented craftsmen and craftswomen, who have honed their skills in pottery for generations we not only ensure that each product is meticulously handcrafted but also contribute to the preservation of traditional techniques and cultural heritage.

Through our collaborations, we aim to bridge the gap between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, fostering a sense of pride and creativity among our artisans.

We take pride in supporting the livelihoods of these artisans by providing opportunities for growth, we empower them to sustain their families and communities.

Threads of Tradition

Our founder's passion for sustainability and empowering women has been the driving
force behind launch of Namda Rugs .

This revelation led to a clear vision to combine
traditional craftsmanship with eco-friendly materials and practices.
At Swadeh we not only produced exquisite handwoven rugs
but also created a positive impact on the lives of the women artisans involved.

By fostering an environment of respect and inclusivity, we empower these women artisans
to become self-reliant and create a better future for themselves and their families.

By collaborating directly with these women artisans, we ensure that their unique stories,
traditions, and craftsmanship are honored and preserved in each handwoven rug we produce.