We are a socio-economic startup born with the intent to support local artisans /talent and take their art to the world. We further plan to stay stead fast on our commitment to Mother Earth by manufacturing & promoting only eco-friendly, sustainable , bio-degradable products.

Started by a creative person at heart our Founder Ruchi Agarwal has background in Finance , Diamond Jewelry & Food. She is also on board of Mobicule ,a successful technology product enterprise with her partner in crime ( aka Life) . Her vision is to carve unique products and design from the hinterlands of India by working with local talent and make this accessible at an affordable value to the common man globally.

 We strive to be 100% eco-friendly so not just our product but all that goes around it is also carefully chosen. Our products are packed with recycled paper ( not bubble wrap) , corrugated paper boxes and special paper tapes to give efficient protection to the product . We have taken a step forward to protect our environment with sustainable products . Even the transport we use from source to our storage facility is CNG( green fuel) .

If you are / know a local art which is either about to die or needs a push please gives us a shout and we will do our best to get their products on this platform.

Come experience this change, we guarantee you a unique and genuine product experience.