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Swadeh brings you the iconic "NAMDA" rugs to add to your home decor.

Namda rug is a traditional style of rug that originated in Kashmir, a region in northern India. Kashmiri women artisans do hand embroidery ‘Aari Kaam’ using colorful dyed wool threads and the ‘aari’ on a Namda. It is made by felting wool fibers together to create a dense and sturdy textile. Namda rugs are often decorated with intricate designs and patterns inspired by nature and designs passed through generations in the artisans family. They are commonly used as floor coverings or wall hangings.

We continue to strive on our vision and promise to our customers,  to bring authentic products right from the source and supporting local artisans and dying arts.
Kashmir Namda art is slowly dying due to lack of awareness and counterfeit/duplicate machine made products.

Our Namda rugs are handmade , hand woven and completely eco friendly made by local Kashmiri women artisans.
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8 products