The Business Press x Swadeh

So excited to share our coverage on The Business Press. 


"Sustaining Social Impact: The Story of SWADEH, a Successful Enterprise Merging Artisanal Craft and Environmental Consciousness"


With an agenda of showcasing India’s rich art heritage and also staying true to the environment, Ruchi set SWADEH on the path of becoming an enterprise that delivered amazingly handcrafted planters. Working closely with local artisans and introducing them to contemporary tastes she managed to churn out products that caught the fancy of customers.

Made from locally sourced 100% organic soil the planters are available in delightful shapes, sizes and prices. The bestsellers being the animal series of Elephant, Giraffe, Peacock and Chidiya. The innovative twisted vase and the cup and saucer planters too are quite popular. The Sea Crest Owl and Vintage Deer planters too have quite a following. Mid-sized on ground planters and hanging planters in various animal forms as well as traditional designs are available too.


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