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Introducing Swadeh's Namda Rugs as bed runners – a delightful touch of comfort and tradition for your personal sanctuary. These beautiful rugs, skilfully handcrafted in the snowy mountains of Kashmir, bring a piece of rich cultural heritage right to the foot of your bed. They seamlessly blend style, warmth, and the enchanting charm of artisanal craftsmanship.

Imagine starting each day by stepping onto the plush softness of pure wool, beautifully dyed with vibrant natural colors. The intricate patterns of our Namda rugs are more than just visually striking - they tell stories of generations of artisans, of lives lived close to nature, and of a timeless legacy woven with every stitch.

A Namda rug by your bed isn't just a piece of home decor; it's a daily reminder of a rich cultural heritage, the spirit of sustainability, and the skill of master craftsmen. It's a touch of elegance and a dash of comfort that turns your bedroom into an oasis of peace and tranquility.

With Swadeh's Namda rugs, you get to experience the comfort of Kashmir's traditional craft while supporting the local artisans who are keeping this unique art form alive. Start and end your day with the feel of Kashmir at your feet. Experience the luxury, warmth, and heritage of our Namda rugs - bringing Kashmir’s snowy mountains to your bedroom.

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