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Experience the charm of Swadeh's Animal Planters - handcrafted pieces that are more than just plant holders, they're a celebration of India's rich cultural tapestry and centuries-old beliefs. Each of our animal planters is a creative interpretation of traditional Indian art forms, bringing together craftsmanship and storytelling in a delightful blend.

In Indian culture, animals hold a special significance, often symbolising luck, prosperity, and good fortune. Swadeh Elephant planters, for instance, are inspired by the Indian belief in the elephant as a symbol of wisdom, strength, and a harbinger of good luck. Our Owl planter reflects the Indian perception of the owl as a symbol of wealth and wisdom.

By incorporating these cultural symbols into our planters, we seek to offer more than just beautiful home decor. These charming companions are meant to infuse your living spaces with positive vibes and a touch of playful joy. When you bring home a Swadeh Animal Planter, you're not only adding a unique piece of art to your collection, but also inviting good fortune into your home.

Experience the joy of nurturing life in a planter that’s a beautiful confluence of Indian culture, artisanal craftsmanship, and eco-conscious living. Bring luck, culture, and life to your spaces, one animal planter at a time!

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28 products

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