Collection: SERVEWARE

This unique art of black pottery is a rare and dying art. The black hue is created due to the heating process and is 100 % naturally done in the kiln and no colors are added.

The pots are surrounded with sheets of metal to reduce the amount of oxygen, and then smothered with damp manure. The smoke impregnates the organic soil with carbon to produce the blackened finish.

Exclusively hand carved with exquisite intricate designs you are bound to fall in love and admiration with this collection

Bring back your old memories and serve your food in our exclusive earthen products. Impress your guests with the exquisite design and attention to detail delivered handcrafted.

SWADEH brings you this heritage black pottery functional and beautiful !

Wash & Care : Wash with warm water, use mild soap and soft sponge if required. Do not scrub. Dry completely before storing. Easy to maintain for repeatable wash this is a must have in your table/ dining collection.