Oceanic Octopus

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This unique planter is inspired by the enigmatic beauty of the octopus and crafted with a touch of whimsy.  Each tentacle gracefully spirals and curls, conveying a sense of movement frozen in time. The Octopus Earthen Planter offers a generous planting space, allowing you to cultivate a variety of plant life.

The Octopus Earthen Planter serves as a reminder of the wonders beneath the waves, inviting you to immerse yourself in the serenity of nature.

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of the deep sea, all while nurturing the growth and beauty of your beloved plants.

Dimension : 

Length : 19cm

Width  : 12cm

Height : 15cm

Why Choose Swadeh Planters

Swadeh's Authentic Earthen Planters: Where Art Meets Authenticity

Choosing one of Swadeh’s planters isn't just about buying a product; it's about investing in a piece of art, tradition, and sustainability.

Handmade Perfection: Each of our planters is crafted meticulously by hand. This labor-intensive process ensures you get a unique creation, infused with the dedication and skill of the artisans. No two pieces are exactly alike, celebrating the individuality of handmade artistry.

Beyond Moulds: While moulds might offer uniformity and speed, they lack the personal touch and character of handcrafted items. We take pride in not using molds, allowing each piece to have its unique shape, texture, and soul.

Organic At Heart: Made with organic materials, our planters resonate with nature, ensuring an eco-friendly touch to your space. They embody the beauty and simplicity of Mother Earth.

Natural Integrity: No added colors. No chemicals. This natural approach not only ensures the longevity of our planters, preventing chipping and wear and tear, but it also promotes a healthier environment for your plants to thrive. Your plants get a chemical-free home, resulting in their optimal health.

With Swadeh, you aren’t just purchasing a planter; you’re investing in a sustainable story, a testament to traditional craftsmanship and a nod to eco-conscious living. The price reflects the time, effort, and care taken in creating a masterpiece that lasts, ensuring you get unparalleled value for money.

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Oceanic Octopus
Oceanic Octopus
Oceanic Octopus
Oceanic Octopus

Why Swadeh

  • Handcrafted Ancient Indian Art

    By buying Swadeh's eco- friendly products you are directly supporting the livelihoods of Indian artisans

  • Unbeatable Quality

    Handmade pottery made of locally sourced 100% organic soil as raw material.

  • Delivery To Your Door

    • Swadeh guarantees a seamless ancient and traditional shopping experience handcrafted for our customers